All Gold Everything!!

Another (and last) piece to add to the steering wheel is the Gold Vertex horn button to match the gold stitching around the wheel. This was another pick up from TAS that Galen was kind enough to bring back for me! To my knowledge, the gold is not available online (through any vendor/site that I could find) and the only other person I know that has it is Galen! Galen obviously has it because he visits TAS every year and I didn’t sleep on the chance to have one as well. It’s another nice addition to bring out the details.

Quick snaps!

IMG_7203 copy

The horn itself is the same, it just doesn’t have the sticker on it. So I popped the old one off and put the new one on.

IMG_7199 copy

The almighty gold sticker.

IMG_7210 copy

Voila! Matches the Ti bolts quite nicely.

IMG_7217 copy

And the stitch.

IMG_7218 copy

My favourite part of the wheel is the back. Anywho – I think that’s all the parts I’ll be getting for now… And according to the groundhog (bogus hype), we’re getting spring early. Let’s hope that mother f*cker is right.

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