My Mu Nuts

Although Tokyo Auto Salon has come and gone, and I still have yet to go and see it for myself, a few pieces from it have come my way! All thanks to Galen – he makes an annual trip out there every year lately and is kind enough to bring anything that we need back for us as long as he can fit it in his luggage. I was able to score a few good pieces at really great prices so why not! Huge thanks again to you, Galen! You’re the man!

The first and most anticipated item I received were these ProjectMu lug nuts – essentially Project Kics but re-branded with the ProjectMu teal and logo. I’ve been looking around for lug nuts for a long time, so when you’re trying to look for something a little different than the usual Muteki or neo chro hype nuts, it’s tough to get fancy. You don’t see these lug nuts around too much so voila! The color is super nice but probably won’t be visible when they go on with the wheel… So this is probably the last time you or I will see that teal LOL.

IMG_7172 copy

IMG_7173 copy

IMG_7174 copy

oh buddy

IMG_7177 copy

Super clean

IMG_7183 copy

I need new brakes some day…

IMG_7190 copy

I’ll just leave them on here for now. No other place to put them lol

Just a few more pieces to the puzzle before she’s about ready for summer!!

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