I Am Titaniummmmm – Part II

Finally after about three weeks, our shipment of titanium bolts came in! I know the car is on jacks and it ain’t going no where but if you know me, you know I’m the most impatient dude in the world so I just needed them LOL. I began pestering JC every day to see if they came yet or not since he was the one that offered to do the order.

It’s a nice addition to the steering wheel and I still have one more goody for it coming shortly! Until then… Here’s some burnt goodness.

IMG_7099 copy

So worth the wait once you have them

IMG_7097 copy

Nice burn as well. A lot of other places that sell Ti bolts have an artificial looking burn to them with the greens and yellows… It’s like the weird neo chro look which I hate. These ones has an more authentic look to it.

IMG_7163 copy

And in!

Only a small update, but an update nonetheless… Hopefully more to come soon!

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