Install: Works Bell Short Hub & Vertex Steering Wheel

Finally got around to ordering the Works Bell short hub to put the Vertex wheel on… I’ve been looking around for a while for a decent price. Nothing in Canada (as usual) and with our dollar sucking so bad, it was just a matter of finding the cheapest place in the States and then ordering it up. I was going to take the hit no matter what… After some browsing, I put the item in my cart for check out and checked the shipping rates, etc… Most places in the States don’t show you a true shipping rate to Canada and make you call them up to order. Once it got to that stage, I usually give up because I’m not in the mood to go through all that effort.

This time, I received an email a few hours later telling me I forgot to check out and I was pleasantly surprised when they offered me a huge 5% discount to tempt me to finish my order. I said “holy shit 5%?! DONE” and I emailed the rep and before I knew it, I sent the money and got it 2 days later. I guess all it takes for me to buy something is a 5% savings…

IMG_7003 copy

Nothing special – just a hub that costs more than it should… IMO lol

IMG_7004 copy

Want to thank TF-Works for being the one that got this out to me with the lowest price that I had seen during my searches. Nick at TF-Works shipped the hub out Friday morning and it came Monday afternoon. There was not even a full business day in between. That’s probably been the fastest I’ve ever received something from the States without paying for it.

IMG_7005 copy

Of course all the goodies and resistors in the box…

IMG_7006 copy

IMG_7007 copy

The wheel out of it’s wrapping again ready to be put to use

IMG_7012 copy

First up – remove the stock airbag. Super simple on the FRS – there are three holes on the side of the steering wheel. One on the left, one on the bottom, and one on the right. Take a flat head screwdriver, push the metal pin in on all three holes and the air bag will just pop right out like so. Looks like splattered guts.

IMG_7013 copy

On the back of the airbag, there are two connectors. Take your flathead screwdriver, lift the yellow tabs up like you see in the pic and plop the connectors off.

IMG_7014 copy

Toss aside.

IMG_7015 copy

Take a 17mm deep socket and remove the nut I’m pointing to. You gotta be careful to hold the wheel or get someone else to hold it so you can keep it straight and not mess up the alignment.

IMG_7016 copy

Once the nut is off, sit firmly (and far away) in your seat and pull. It does take a little force to come out but don’t pull too hard that you smack yourself in the face. Disconnect all the wires and then guide them out of the holes.

IMG_7018 copy

Mount up the hub with the holes all lined up straight and guide the wires through the hole.

IMG_7019 copy

Install the supplied nut and locking washer.

IMG_7022 copy

Plug in the resistors as shown. Black to black and blue to orange.

IMG_7023 copy

Tuck all the wires inside carefully while making sure the resistors stay in place. Connect your horn – for the Vertex wheel, you only need to connect one of the two female connectors because the horn grounds itself. It took a while for me to tuck the wires nicely so the horn sits flush.

IMG_7030 copy


IMG_7032 copy

Some full shots of how it looks. Sits right at home.

IMG_7035 copy.

I absolutely love the look of this wheel. Can’t wait to drive it!

IMG_7036 copy

IMG_7038 copy

Full shot of the cockpit.

IMG_7042 copy

Once inside, proceed to take your stock wheel and throw it with the rest of all the stock parts hidden in aftermarket boxes. You won’t need it anymore 🙂


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