All Black Everything

Just a minor little update to the FRS… Big thanks to Arif for ordering this up for me. It’s really just a set of black buttons to replace the silver ones and to match the new black alcantara surround. It’s the little details that count right?!

Simple and quick 5 minute install. Thought I’d share… Probably going to attempt to install the suspension pieces this weekend as well!

IMG_6938 copy

The stock buttons

IMG_6942 copy

The silver ones out

IMG_6939 copy

The new set.

IMG_6941 copy

Subaru… lol also made in Taiwan. The silver piece is also made by Subaru in Taiwan FYI

IMG_6943 copy

And in!

IMG_6946 copy

A better shot of it all together. Probably not something a lot of people will notice, but at the end of the day, it does bring it all together.

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