Unedited Shots: Justin’s Acura TSX

Some unedited shots of Justin’s TSX for you guys to enjoy. One of my favourite cars from last year – a very simple build with some good wheels and just slammed to the ground. All static.

IMG_0846 copy

IMG_0850 copy

IMG_0884 copy

IMG_1009 copy

IMG_0927 copy

6 thoughts on “Unedited Shots: Justin’s Acura TSX

    • Sorry Jay! Misunderstanding – I guess the title is misleading. They are indeed edited… I just meant that they were not edited the first time around when I first posted his set up. I usually go back through my sets and see if there were any I skipped over or missed.

      • Oh haha, understood! When you do you photoshoots, especially when using a tripod. Do you shoot through the viewfinder or do you use liveview mode shoot from there? I wonder which one helps compose your shots better.

    • Thanks!
      First rolling shot was at F22, 1/40th, ISO 250
      Second rolling shot was at F18, 1/125, ISO 250

      I’m certain that if the second shot was at least F20, the wheels would look more in motion… But still decent.

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