Cusco Goodness

And back to our regular scheduled program! The holidays went by way too quick and I can’t believe I’m already back here sitting in my office for another full week of work.

The new year is always busy but it’s also exciting because it means we can start counting down the days until we can drive our cars again. 3-4 months for you to gather as many car parts as you can and get them on before the nicer weather comes. For the last few days Mother Nature has gifted us a nice -30C for the New Year…

One last car part that I got for Christmas were these Cusco rear control arms for the FRS from Diana. It sucked when I found out that these were the exact same arms that I had for my STI and the most annoying thing is that if I had known I was going to own an FRS that used the same control arms, I would’ve at least taken them off the STI LOL. It’s not a particularly cheap piece, nor is it something you really get to see or enjoy so I hit myself in the head for not being able to look into the future.

Anyway – some eye candy for you guys. Now that the season of spending money on other people is over, I can start saving pennies for more car parts. I have a few more things on my list to get before spring – it’s not over yet!

IMG_6874 copy

IMG_6875 copy

The best thing about these is that they look bad ass from the rear.

IMG_6876 copy

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