Automotive Media Is Dead.

There is nothing more annoying than this… All summed up into one Instagram-style picture.

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |


If this image represents the template that you use every day on your respective Instagram account(s), congratulations for being the lowest common denominator. You have done nothing but continue to use the hard work of others for personal gain and attempt to peddle unoriginal goods to unsuspecting automotive enthusiasts. There are people who have a real passion to create content for the world and who pay for their own camera equipment, travel using their own expenses, and spend hours after to publish their work. You do not have that passion. You are thieves and leeches who think that taking advantage of people for personal gain is okay. And those of you who support these accounts are just as bad as the ones who created them. Print is dying at a rapid rate because you do not support the creators. Just as fast as print is dying is the inspiration of…

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