#lifewithjson – Year in Review Part 2/4

Part 2 – here we go! Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope everyone gets what they wished for!

IMG_1442 copy

This is a nice way to start part 2 – Giuseppe’s Skyline. This was a shoot that was delayed for oh-so-long and when the day finally came, we knocked it out of the park. Like I mentioned earlier, this as and still is my favourite shoot I’ve ever done. Giuseppe’s car obviously played a big role in it, but that day just came together like bread and butter.

IMG_1462 copy

Rich off to the side watching for the po po in the airport tunnel…

IMG_1561 copy

And that airport tunnel helped me produce this. It was just so awesome seeing an OG car look so immaculate under that light.

IMG_1670 copy

Seeing double.

IMG_1694 copy

The supervisor crew with some extra help.

IMG_1749 copy

And the man himself! Punit and I actually just enjoyed a nice hand made pizza at his Italian market last weekend… Good stuff!


And then we made a trip to Vegas for my bachelor party weekend where we took pictures with asses…


Turned up in the hotel room with our staple food of 60 nuggets and fries…


Which also became my breakfast the next day…


Which was followed by the only good drink I could down after the night before…


We drove Ferrari’s…


and Merc’s, Lambo’s and everything in between early the next morning with headaches…


We paid for (too many) transportation vehicles…


And when we thought we had enough, we turned up again…


Some of us got too turnt and passed out at McDonald’s…


We separated our dollar bills to make “tipping” easier…


One of us thought hanging off the top floor of the Riviera was a good idea… And we rinsed and repeated for the next two days.

IMG_1753 copy

Upon our return, we shot Raj’s Nissan Skyline. It was good to be home…

IMG_1817 copy

I eventually helped Raj make this into a canvas as well

IMG_1834 copy

IMG_1882 copy

IMG_1908 copy

Diana chillin in the back seat…

IMG_2009 copy

And before we knew out, our “extra JDM point items” came in and we decided to slap those on too

IMG_2011 copy

Took this…

IMG_2015 copy

IMG_2024 copy

And went to this…

IMG_2036 copy

Up next was JC’s JDM window visors

IMG_2040 copy

From peeling that blue sticker to reveal that nice shiny chrome…

IMG_2048 copy

To this finished look!

IMG_2082 copy

I slapped the LEVEL one decal on the FRS even though I was bone stock.

IMG_2084 copy

But didn’t care. I’ll make up for it next year 🙂

IMG_2100 copy

It was Punit’s lucky year cause we also got a chance to shoot his Integra too. Somehow Derrick and JC got conned into putting his LEVEL one decal on while Punit sat there.

IMG_2127 copy

But it was a nice touch for the shoot

IMG_2147 copy

Punit even agrees.

IMG_2159 copy

IMG_2201 copy

Gas station fill ups. Punit rocking the Roshe’s he picked up from Vegas too.

IMG_2221 copy

Dirty mirrors break my heart. From that point on, JC never came to a photoshoot with dirty side mirrors…

IMG_2223 copy

En route to our next shoot that day…


IMG_2383 copy

Which was Nick’s GTR

IMG_2465 copy

IMG_2417 copy

I think I took this candidly while sitting in JC’s car. Random.

IMG_2332 copy

Nick took me for a quick spin in the GTR to the next location. So good!

IMG_2369 copy

IMG_2653 copy

Our third and last photoshoot that day was Jackie’s 4Runner on Volk TE37’s

IMG_2623 copy

Out of my element but I was able to play along…

IMG_2585 copy

And we’ll end it here with the man from Zero Limit himself. Part 3 coming up!

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