Frozen Carbon TE37 Render

So I’ve been going back and forth between colors for the TE37’s – at times, I thought I was just going to keep them red and run with it for a season, other times I’m convinced that I hate the color and I’m not going to keep them. I mean, I still have lots of time to decide but until I settle (or until it’s too late), I’ll keep juggling with ideas.

I’ve really been loving the frozen carbon concept that Bulletproof Automotive recently brought to the scene and it’s a nice, subtle touch to already amazing wheels. The best set they’ve currently done was the frozen carbon on a frozen BMW grey Advan GT for a GTR going for about $6500.

A trend is a trend and I know this is one of them but I love the look… Especially on grey or even black to be even more subtle. I used the original grey from Volk on these pics but a darker grey or black would look just as mean. What do you guys think?

8553037544_f47d980c5a_h 8553037956_ca04c8ca4f_h

2 thoughts on “Frozen Carbon TE37 Render

  1. Best set of frozen carbons is a BMW frozen grey Advan GT?
    Lol, I’m just bugging you buddy.
    Frozen carbon wheels is a work of art, your rendering looks so good!!!

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