Wheel Color Choices #FirstWorldProblems

I seem to go through this dilemma every few years where I want a new color for my wheels and I can’t decide on one. Ever since I got the Red TE37’s I’ve been questioning the color (as nice as they are) on the FRS. While I agree that it’ll look decent, I’m not sure if it’s the look I’m going for. I really want to stay clean this time and stay away from loud colors and try to keep it minimalistic until I get some aero. It would be an easier decision if it wasn’t such a pain to change wheel colors all the time…

Anyway, I’ve kind of whittled it down to these few colors…

Nothing crazy exciting and really nothing out of the ordinary except for the dark purple, which I think looks fantastic if it’s in the right shade. I’m personally really starting to lean towards gloss black with the original Volk stickers or the complete opposite of the spectrum and back to good ol’ white… What do you guys think?

TE37 Gloss Black

TE37 Bronze

Ping 240sx on Te37

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