And So It Begins…

I parked the FRS a week earlier just cause I don’t think I’ll have any time next week to do it and it was warm enough to wash and dry properly without getting chilly hands on Saturday. It ended up being perfect timing though – the weather is cold, it snowed a bit last night and I think I was just ready to put it in the corner after hitting 10,000KM on Friday.

So I’ve got it up on jack stands, stock wheels off, and it’s ready for some new legs and shoes. I’m hoping to complete all of the suspension pieces over winter and work on it little by little. I want to replace as much, if not all of the arms, links, and bushings if possible and get it on the ground and ready for next year. I also test fitted the TE37’s to see how they looked. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of it, I like how black and red all go together nicely, but it’s just too much red for me… Who knows, I might still do it for one season and like most people said on Instagram – once it’s on the ground and lowered, it should look decent… I’m honestly thinking of just going back to basics with a gloss black or white with OG Volk stickers, or if I’m looking to do a colour, I was thinking of doing a nice dark candy Purple, again with OG Volk stickers. We’ll see…

Anyway – some shots to show what I mean…

IMG_6139 copy

Diana actually took these shots – which BTW turned out pretty decent. Now she thinks she can come on photoshoots and actually shoot to for some reason…

IMG_6140 copy

She took this one too

IMG_6143 copy

Then she got bored and left. So much for wanting to be my partner in crime…

Anyway – huge wheel gap, but it looks decent…

IMG_6146 copy

My favourite shot.

IMG_6147 copy

A shot from the rear quarter. Tough to tell how the fitment is but it should be fairly flush. No mexi for me… On the stock suspension, the inside of the wheel hits pretty close.

IMG_6152 copy

And a shot of the front wheel. Everything is so clean. I love it!

IMG_6155 copy

And the two winter beaters. Diana’s car is beat in general – we need to get rid of that thing and upgrade. The Civic on the other hand will forever be the best winter car. 160,000KM and still going strong. Anyway – hopefully in the coming months, I’ll slowly be getting parts in and whenever it warms up, I’ll be wrenching. Putting the car away for the winter is bittersweet – it’s sad that you can’t drive it, but it’s exciting cause it’s going to be like a brand new car next year!

PS – winter blows.

2 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

    • Ugh – such a tough decision. When I look at these pictures I agree with you, but then there are times when I absolutely hate the color…
      And definitely – I can’t wait to get rid of this stock antenna – I’ll be getting the TRD shark fin over this winter as well.

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