Photoshop: Aimgain x Rocket Bunny

Playing around with some ideas last night and I think I actually lost sleep because yesterday because I’ve been thinking about how I can put the FRS together in a way that’s even the slightest bit different than the rest of the crowd but still love it. There are a ton of kits out there but very few are actually aesthetically good, and then you have the few that are very popular because well… They obviously look good. The good thing about it all is that you can mix and match parts (kind of like the S2000) and still have it look well-executed.

Even before I owned the FRS, I’ve wanted the Varis Arising II kit and I had envisioned every single part I was going to put on it from top to bottom… It was only a matter of time before I got to actually getting there like all things that take money and time. A certain something has started swaying me from the kit (as much as I love it) and it sucks that it’s the only reason I don’t want it anymore… But I digress…

Second in line of course is Aimgain – I love the look of the front bumper the most and while a duckbill spoiler would look good, I’m a GT wing kind of guy. So last night, I thought “hey I’ll chuck the red TE37’s on there and see if the Rocket Bunny wing would look good with the Aimgain kit”. Below is the result.


While I did keep the TE37’s red, I doubt they’ll stay red. I love the design of the Rocket Bunny but it doesn’t flow with the kit. You can kind of see the predicament I’m in (if you’re as anal as I am about making sure all the parts go together like they should). Maybe I’ll come up with a different idea and photoshop it again…

What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “Photoshop: Aimgain x Rocket Bunny

    • Thanks for the feedback Jonny! Yeah I love the Lexus-look to it, but something about it just isn’t aggressive enough for me for some reason… Maybe it’s just the rear portion that needs something else.

      Glad someone else likes it!

  1. Could you photo shop a car for me? I want to do a rocket Bunny to my black Nissan Maxima j31 (teana) I’m doing a RWD v8 conversion and want to look tuff as balls but have no idea going about it..

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