Project: Pimp My Garage

I’ve been wanting to paint the garage for the longest time but the wedding was putting the project on hold. One weekend we had nothing to do so I decided to just get it done and out of the way before the cold weather came. I called my dad up and he was down to help and so we began…

To be honest, I thought we would get this done in a weekend but all the extra mudding and sanding we had to do took up a whole weekend alone. The builders had already done it but it wasn’t the best job so we decided to do it again just to save us the trouble down the road. We ended up finishing with two weekends along with the bonus of sore necks and arms. Woot woot.


This was just as we were starting to put the second coat of mudding on. Check those cracks in the floor… The house is half a year old and it’s cracking left right and center. Kind of lame that it does that and the builder won’t do anything to fix it either. Some of the cracks were big enough to fit a loonie in too (which I think is grounds for getting the builder to fix it…)

2This was after we finished sanding the second coat – Diana painted the stairs and the wood siding. Starting to come together… I also spent a few hours on my hands and knees filling the cracks with filler and using my hands to make sure it was all in there and then finally leveling it all out so it wasn’t bumpy or rough. Better than before, that’s for sure.

3And voila! One pic from yesterday after I had scrubbed and washed the floors so it’s still wet and (unfortunately) accentuates the filling I did in the concrete. I still have to take some cleaner over it to get some of the paint spills off, but that’s a task for another day.

Note: painting ceilings is the biggest bitch to do. My dad was a trooper and did the whole ceiling too!

I also decided to go straight down to the floor with the paint on the edges and add a little accent line around the walls of the garage. Now I am shopping for work benches, shelves and flooring. I think it’ll have to wait until next year though… This season is almost coming to an end.

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