JDM GT86 Rear View Mirror

Yes – this is worth a post because it nets me JDM points, and the more I have, the better.

First off – thanks to Arif over at Country Hills Toyota for snagging this piece for me! Even before I had possession of the FRS, I was shopping for parts all day and if you’re building an FRS, chances are you’ve got a few or many JDM pieces on your shopping list. It might not be that high on the list, but it’s on there nonetheless and I was stoked when Arif texted me to come by after work to come grab it. It’s a post-wedding gift and I know Diana is just excited as I am about it (that’s a lie, but I don’t care).

I posted it on IG, and I joked that Arif and JC sponsored my car because they’re still the only ones that have ever got me parts for my car LOL!

Just some quick pics for you to see the differences for those of you saying “wtf it’s just a rear view mirror”. Well, mirrors and lights get me excited so get used to it.

IMG_4430 copy

The stock piece. Nothing is wrong with it, but if something better is available, then you’ll hate the original part LOL

IMG_4432 copy

A shot of the JDM mirror. ooooo ahhhh

IMG_4438 copy

A shot of the edge of the mirror

IMG_4442 copy

It was as simple as turning the mirror clockwise off, and taking off that metal clip.

IMG_4446 copy

Comparison of the two mirrors. They are slightly different in size – the JDM one is slightly wider and has a better shape with less rounded edges.

IMG_4447 copy

A comparison of the OEM clip on the left and the JDM clip on the right. Don’t be fooled by how I’m holding them – they are exactly the same size. Why did I even bother switching it out? Because now I can say I have a JDM clip behind the JDM mirror… More cool points!!!!

IMG_4451 copy

Voila! It already looks better

IMG_4456 copy

Another shot of the edge.

IMG_4458 copy

And one last shot further out.

You might ask why anyone would care about a frameless mirror? Well I ask why are you such a neg?! Anyways, JDM points ftw. Thanks again, Arif!

2 thoughts on “JDM GT86 Rear View Mirror

  1. Hey man, do you think this would be a universal fit or 86 only? I saw this one company brandmotion that makes what they call an infinity mirror, but this obviously nets more jdm points.

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