Applying and Leveling a level ONE Decal

Prior to the photoshoot today, Diana and I went over to JC’s house to meet up and head out in one car since it’s a pain to drive both around when we get to certain locations. Drove up and saw Derrick chillaxin…

He recently got a level ONE decal and about a week or so ago he had carelessly applied it crooked – I never saw it but I’ll just take his word for it. Turns out he wanted a new one and a second chance at doing it properly. Ironically, the level ONE decal is quite a difficult decal to get “level”…

IMG_4108 copy

Derrick came up with a better way of doing it and brought tape and everything lol

IMG_4109 copy

JC cleaning his car getting ready for the shoot. It’s funny because “most” of the time, JC’s car is always cleaner than the car we’re actually shooting with the exception of his side mirrors sometimes… haha!

IMG_4110 copyApplying this decal is usually a three-man job… Sadly.

IMG_4112 copy

Taped up and centered properly this time

IMG_4114 copy

Voila! Derrick got the chrome/black decal and it goes perfectly with his car.

IMG_4116 copy

Lookin’ good. Been a while since I’ve seen his car…

IMG_4117 copy


IMG_4118 copy

Group shot with my lame stock car… Slowly starting to order parts now so I should have my first part next week sometime. FINALLY. By next year it should look decent enough to finally run with the boys.

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