illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2014: Part 4

The final part of my own coverage for Sunday School. Again – I apologize in advance that I was not able to capture a lot of the cars that I wanted to since I couldn’t stay for all too long…

Just want to say thanks to the illmotion guys for putting on another great show and for continuing to put in the effort. This car show is especially important because it really brings together the best of the best for a good cause. When I was involved in planning, creation and execution of the show, I was surprised at how much work goes into doing something like this. As a spectator and/or participant, it’s easy to overlook those kinds of things because all you do is show up, park your car, wait a few hours and go home.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work and months of planning to make sure that when you do show up, you are directed properly, parked in the proper spot, and that every car after you is given the same treatment. Fair and knowledgeable judges are picked and asked to make difficult decisions based on all the quality you’ve seen, Sponsors are contacted and prizes are organized, food trucks and details with the venue are ironed out… The list just goes on and on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – year after year this show grows in both quantity and (most importantly) quality. This year sold out tremendously fast and those that slept on it didn’t get to enter. I know there are a lot of bitter people that get their hate on for not being able to register but it’s no one’s fault except your own.

Once again, props to the illmotion guys for doing this and generating a lot of buzz for all us car enthusiasts across most of Western Canada. This is what we need to keep things going – something to look forward to showing off our hard work, our ideas, and our vision. This blows any car show that Calgary has ever had to offer out of the water and it does so every damn year for 1/10th the cost of any “sponsored” shows that come around… And that’s worth something!


IMG_4047 copy

IMG_4048 copy

Urban X’s BMW M3 that I shot a few years back still looking mint as ever.

IMG_4049 copy

Another Urban X project

IMG_4050 copy

A clean black IS-F on Rotiforms

IMG_4052 copy

And another. Both made the trip down from Edmonton I believe.

IMG_4054 copy

IMG_4055 copy

Autodream came out hard with their Nissan’s again this year – this one with rear lips big enough to put your recyclables.

IMG_4057 copy

IMG_4059 copy

God, this was cool and I know jack-all about it.

IMG_4062 copy

And so was this. The paint job was awesome.

IMG_4065 copy

Mike McConnell’s Karman Ghia! Finally the first time I’ve got to see it in person ever since I’ve been watching it literally being born in his garage through his Instagram feed for probably a year now. This deserves every piece of attention it can get! I promised Mike I would shoot it once it was ready and the last time I said that was last October I think… The time is almost here!

IMG_4066 copy

Mike’s custom roof with the help of his good friend Jesse Schinkel. The Instagram world blew up when he posted this… Too good.

IMG_4067 copy

Out back is his Subaru swap that is just awaiting its final tune and that’s when I’ll get to see this bad boy through my lens finally!

IMG_4068 copy

Corey O’Hara’s S2000 nice and clean with simple styling.

IMG_4070 copy

A quick shot of 1/3 of the show.

IMG_4072 copy

IMG_4073 copy

FJ Cruister on TE37’s!

IMG_4075 copy

Up next is Poorform’s line up bringing the VIP game to the show and it keeps getting better.

IS300 on Work Emotion XT7’s

IMG_4076 copy

IMG_4078 copy

IMG_4079 copy

Stephanie’s GS on Work S1R’s – you might remember from the triple photoshoot I did last year for Poorform.

IMG_4080 copy

Derek’s awesome Junction Produce Celsior

IMG_4082 copy


IMG_4084 copy

Daniel’s LS430 bagged on Work LS406’s

IMG_4086 copy

Levi’s LS430 on Work Gnosis HS203’s

IMG_4087 copy

And finally, Jimmy’s LS430 on the new step-lipped Work VS-XX’s with gold hardware.

IMG_4091 copy

Barb’s TSX

IMG_4092 copy

JC’s CT200h AKA – Gretchen Wieners

IMG_4094 copy

Punit’s GS450h AKA – Karen Smith

PS – RIP Regina George.

IMG_4095 copy

Rich’s new whip – Audo S6 Avant with a 6MT swap!

IMG_4097 copy

Rich’s old WRX posted for sale…

IMG_4099 copy

Ryan O’Hara’s EP3 still SO damn mint after all these years. He barely drives it anymore now that he’s got an S2000…

IMG_4105 copy

And one last one that I circled around again for was this R34 GTR. It’s cool to see in person – I didn’t get a chance to do a walkaround cause too many fan boys were drooling and I didn’t want to get my shoes wet. Awesome color and condition though.

IMG_4100 copy

The team manning the booth that day – Barb, JC, and Carla.

IMG_4101 copyAnd the goodies for the day!

That’s a wrap! Now back to regular programming! I got two shoots this weekend with JC – they’re going to be gooders!

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