illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2014: Part 3

Part 3 and go!

IMG_3999 copy

Don Camacho’s Golf R on Volk LE37’s. A different look for Euros but I dig it.

IMG_4000 copy

Sue MacKenzie’s Thunderbird in mint condition

IMG_4003 copy

IMG_4004 copy

A really clean Ford Focus dumped on BBS’s. Love this look.

IMG_4006 copy

Mario’s Ford Focus ST – AKA Ketchup.

IMG_4007 copy

Bill MacKenzie’s Ford Focus SE – AKA Mustard.

IMG_4008 copy

Mustard and Ketchup together. Keep an eye out for the September issue of Ford Performance Magazine. The shoot I did of these two are in print now and if you have Newsstand, you can get it now for $2. I’ll be posting my own little write up after I get through Sunday School photos!

IMG_4009 copy

Giuseppe’s infamous Skyline that you guys are probably familiar with from the shoot a few months back…

IMG_4010 copy

Reggie’s Rocket Bunny FRS looking good with his new wheel set up and Voltex wing.

IMG_4014 copy

I’ll be honest, these are the three cars I was looking forward to seeing the most. It’s really the best combination of total quality and taste with no corners cut. The BC game in general has always had the upper hand in the car scene and this shows it perfectly. Very few cars in Calgary come close to the way that BC builds their cars. Weird… Even though we are neighboring provinces lol

IMG_4017 copy

Quincy’s custom Volk TE37’s with Top Secret gold and real carbon fiber embedded into a part of the spoke on each wheel. Cool shit.

IMG_4019 copy

Full shot of his Varis widebody STI hatch. I dig this so much – brings back slight memories lol.

IMG_4024 copy

Clarence’s Voltex hawkeye STI perfectly complimenting his brothers STI hatch.

IMG_4026 copy

Love that Amuse exhaust…

IMG_4029 copy

Tony Dinh’s Lexus IS dumped on Volk TE37’s. Another familiar car from a shoot earlier this year.

IMG_4030 copy

Levi’s Subaru BRZ on Volk TE37’s up front. I think he’s doing some work on getting the rears to fit.

IMG_4032 copy

Nice to see these two beside each other.

IMG_4035 copy

Brett Svoboda’s Cadillac CTSV on bags. So aggressive and clean looking. A crowd favourite.

IMG_4038 copy

My old LS460L. Mark is the new owner and I’ll admit it’s a little weird to be taking a picture of my old car especially since it’s pretty much the same since I sold it except for the plastidip…

IMG_4041 copy

A pretty sweet SRT8 with a really nice pale mint color. Hard to pinpoint exactly but it’s cool.

IMG_4042 copy

IMG_4043 copy

IMG_4044 copy

Tommy Daraseng’s BMW M3 on BBS FI’s and a full Brembo big brake kit with a new snail… I didn’t get a chance to take a closer look but I’ll have a photoshoot with him soon hopefully!

One more part to go and it’ll be up tomorrow! Quality keeps getting better!!

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