illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2014: Part 2

No long text from me… Part 2 go!

IMG_3950 copy

Nick Chow’s GTR

IMG_3951 copy

And another one…

IMG_3952 copy

And another one… lol

IMG_3954 copy

Trung Nguyen’s crazy track-prepped S2000.

IMG_3957 copy

Full shot of this wonderful machine

IMG_3959 copy

Arif Jina’s EK on some new shoes – CE28’s

IMG_3961 copy

Eric Zapata’s S13 looking good as new since the last time I shot it

IMG_3963 copy

IMG_3964 copy

IMG_3965 copy

IMG_3966 copy

IMG_3968 copy

Clean 350Z on WEDS Kranze Cerberus

IMG_3969 copy

IMG_3971 copy

Paul Tan’s EK on green Advan RG’s

IMG_3973 copy

IMG_3974 copy

IMG_3977 copy

A crazy bagged STI Sedan with a Varis lip and APR wing. Haven’t seen this around at all!

IMG_3980 copy

240SX with R33 front. Thanks to Errol for correcting me on this one.

IMG_3981 copy

IMG_3982 copy

IMG_3983 copy

Todd Gordon’s B7 Avant looking clean!

IMG_3985 copy

Solomon’s matte wrapped E90

IMG_3987 copy

Kyle Hugo’s always clean and mint 1st gen Celica

IMG_3989 copy

Bill MacKenzie’s ’92 Grand Prix – haven’t seen this out in a while.

IMG_3991 copy

Kanji Camacho’s Subaru BRZ

IMG_3992 copy

Shane Lockyer’s boosted Integra – all of which he did in his garage on his own. Awesome car.

IMG_3994 copy

Jean-Guy Poirier’s slammed Honda Fit on Buddy Clubs

IMG_3996 copy

A nice and simple Evo

IMG_3997 copy

An awesome teal/seafoam-ish green RX7 – I love this colour so much! Very clean build.

More to come tomorrow!

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