illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2014: Part 1

I’m backkkkkkkkkk!!!

After a nice long trip in Cuba for our honeymoon, it’s finally back to reality. Seems like just last week that I proposed and like yesterday that we got married. It’s already been 2 weeks since the wedding and I still can’t believe it’s over. We got back late last night and woke up early this morning to get a bunch of things done before going back to work and being able to attend the illmotion Sunday School show. I’m glad that I didn’t have to miss it because the show gets significantly better each year with better cars every time and I love seeing it. I was partially bummed because I didn’t get to participate this year and this was the only time that I didn’t have anything even close to being able to showing unless Toyota badges count LOL.

I quickly got around to editing a few of the pictures and I wanted to post as it’s been a while since my last car-related post and I thought I’d give a nice little preview of the show for those that didn’t get to attend. I didn’t get the chance to stay long as I would have liked and I missed a ton of cars that I wanted to take pictures of and it’s the same every year – if you’re standing in front of your car guarding it, I’m not taking a picture.

One great thing about the show is that I get to meet a bunch of people from the social media world in person – it was great meeting you all and thank you for stopping me and introducing yourselves – as silly as it sounds, I love being able to put faces to usernames. Thank you for following the blog too!

Here’s a quick preview of the lineup at the start of the gate… I’ll get to the rest of them this week.

IMG_3914 copy

Jackie Tong’s NSX still looking cleaner than ever

IMG_3915 copy

Punit Patel’s K24 Integra from the shoot a few weeks ago!

IMG_3917 copy

Adrian Perry’s boosted Civic looking good on bronze CE28’s.

IMG_3918 copy

Brad Atkin’s Supercharged K20 EM1. Those damn black TE’s

IMG_3919 copy

Alex Markovic’s boosted Integra – still one of the cleanest and perfected builds with no corners ever missed.

IMG_3920 copy

His new brake set up that I saw quickly on Instagram last night… Had to get a shot.

IMG_3921 copy

Errol Tan’s Amuse S2000 on a new set of bronze TE37’s and the new wing! Finally!

IMG_3922 copy

Justin Kan’s S2000 with his new hard top.

IMG_3923 copy

Aldo’s white on white S2000

IMG_3924 copy

Steve Chan’s RSX newly boosted!

IMG_3925 copy

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis

IMG_3926 copy

Josh Sivada’s Audi S5 – the first time I got to see it in person since he’s bagged it and put it on Meisters. Love.

IMG_3927 copy

Derrek Poyntz’s super clean Integra

IMG_3929 copy

Loved this wagon. Super clean.

IMG_3930 copy

Apologize – I don’t know the new owner’s name but I usually refer to it as Nick Chow’s old S2000. Love it on Meisters.

IMG_3932 copy

Clean R32 on full bronze S1R’s

IMG_3934 copy

Jimmy Tran’s Civic coupe all the way from Edmonton. Nice to finally meet you, my dude!

IMG_3937 copy

The infamous blue EK – still love this. Don’t know the owner…

IMG_3938 copy

Romel Tenchavez’s AE86 – yes, that’s JC’s dad if anyone was wondering after all these years…

IMG_3940 copy

Clean 3-series on Work VS-XX’s

IMG_3941 copy

EDIT – this is actually Gabriel’s Integra and Phil did a lot of the engine work. Sorry!

IMG_3943 copy

Full shot of the car.

IMG_3944 copy

His widebody AE86 – I would give a kidney for this car.

IMG_3946 copy

A shot of his pair together.

IMG_3947 copy

Rayneel Mani’s AE86 looking mint – it’s been a while since I’ve seen this out…

IMG_3949 copy

And a final shot of the two Corolla’s together…


Unfortunately that’s all I had the chance to edit tonight. Stay tuned! Hopefully that wet your appetites… All I can say is that I’m happy that I’m back in business. Photoshoots coming soon!

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