Jackie Tong’s VOLK-equipped Toyota 4Runner

Happy Hump Day Post!

Once again getting around to posting up one of the last shoots that I did a while back – I’ll admit that after this, I’ll most likely be MIA most of the time because it’s crunch time everyday until the wedding. (Are you sick of me talking about the wedding yet?) We have about 3 weeks left and the days are just too short while the tasks are too long! I’ll try to pop on here once in a while to post some extra little things that I’ve had on the go just to keep it from dying out, but please bare with me until I get back in the groove.

Enough about me – more about Jackie Tong and his Toyota 4Runner. Jackie – most of you locals probably know by now – owns Zero Limit Automotive. I shot his NSX last year which has recently been given the forced induction treatment, and now his Toyota 4Runner with newly equipped Volk Te37’s, new off-road suspension (that was not installed yet during this shoot) and some extra goodies to make this dirt queen look good on and off the trails. In the short amount of time that Jackie has had Zero Limit Automotive – many great cars have come in and out of that shop and he’s played a big role in getting a lot of the cars you see today out on the road – my LS460L air install was one of many. If any of you have any automotive needs – Jackie is your man. It’ll also help him fund the addiction we all know too well – our cars. 🙂

This was quite a different realm of photography for me… Sure, it’s a car but it’s on the side of a big ass pile of dirt. What angle do I take? I’m so used to taking pictures of cars that love kissing the pavement, not being so high up off the ground…

IMG_2581 copy

As you can see, although the car is clean in these pictures, Jackie doesn’t really care. That’s the way it should be.

IMG_2629 copy

To add to that, Jackie has thrown on a set of Volk TE37’s – no he doesn’t switch them off when he goes out on the trails. Most people would jump straight to the conclusion that it’s not worth it to put on “real wheels” to do such things. Not Jackie… His wheel game is on point.

IMG_2585 copy

The man himself.

IMG_2592 copy

Given the abuse that Jackie puts his 4Runner through, it’s in wicked condition.

IMG_2598 copy

IMG_2593 copy

IMG_2595 copy

IMG_2602 copy

IMG_2646 copy

Everything is so shiny!

IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2610 copy

IMG_2618 copy

Rich came over in his new S6 but unfortunately due to his ground clearance, he was not able to compete with Jackie…

IMG_2623 copy

This was actually my favourite shot – probably because it falls along the lines of how I usually shoot, but mostly in part because his 4Runner is in such good condition. Black is just beautiful.

IMG_2632 copy

Wait a second – not only does Jackie have 4 TE37’s, he has 5! Love this look so much.

IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2645 copy

IMG_2647 copy

IMG_2650 copy

IMG_2653 copy

That’s it for my first off-road SUV shoot… Next up is his Tundra once he gets that done and I don’t think it’ll take too long either.

Must be nice to be rich is all I have to say.

Until next time!

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