Diana’s Bridal Shower

This is outside of the norm for my posts – I have one once in a while – but I thought I’d make a small little post.

**Sappy Jason ON**

I was out all day with the guys doing photoshoots while Diana and her friends/family had a bridal shower at our place this afternoon. Timing was perfect – three photoshoots lasted us from 11AM to 4PM then JC and I went to eat Ramen for a quick dinner.

I got home and they were just winding down and the decorations were actually super nice. Excuse the lack of furniture in our house… I didn’t get a chance to take any pics of the decoration but it was awesome.

IMG_2657 copyA quick group photo of the girls that were still there when I got home.

IMG_2680 copyWhen everyone left, Diana went over all the awesome gifts she got and the one thing in particular that I enjoyed the most was this box that said “Advice for the Bride”. All the girls wrote little things on the hearts and I personally enjoyed each one of them.

My three favourites of the pile (there were tons) were these three.

1) Don’t drive stock cars

2) Never stop saying I love you

3) Don’t go to sleep mad at each other

I just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to all the girls that help put this together for Diana (Julee, Cindy, Thy, and Derrick – not a girl). It means a lot to Diana and myself to have a great group of people that we know care about us and are willing to spend time helping us out. You guys are the best! Anyone that makes Diana happy, makes me happy too! Just about a month until the big day!

**Sappy Jason OFF**

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