JDM Install Party!

After a long week of waiting, our small JDM pieces that JC ordered finally came in from NigelJDM. We were checking the tracking like no tomorrow – as I’m sure most of you do when waiting for parts – no matter the size…

The last time we had a JDM install party (that I can remember) was when we installed the third brake light on my STI a few years back. More often than not, it’s the little pieces that make up the whole picture and for these little pieces – that’s what it was for me.

IMG_2002 copy

On my way to JC’s place right after work – thunderstorm incoming and all. I didn’t care – those badges were going on rain, shine, hail, blizzard – didn’t matter to me.

IMG_2004 copy

Got there and ironically, JC pulled out his Dad’s AE86  so we could work in the garage quick.

IMG_2005 copy

Still so mint. I will need to do a shoot with this when I finally have some worthwhile mods to give me a reason to take a picture of my car.

IMG_2006 copy

Snapped a quick shot of JC’s car

IMG_2007 copy

And it’s time to get started!

IMG_2009 copy

IMG_2011 copy

Ugly ass badge. I hate it so much – even before I bought the car I knew I wanted to get rid of them.

IMG_2013 copy

IMG_2014 copy

Didn’t take that long to pry the actual emblem off but it was a bitch to take the 3M residue off. Probably took at least 20 minutes and a shit load of Goo Gone before we got it all off.

IMG_2015 copy

Clean and gone! Looks better already hahaha

IMG_2016 copy

The back badges were cake to take off. The only thing I could have lived with was the FRS badge haha

IMG_2017 copy

Shot of the rear off.

IMG_2018 copy

Shots of the badges all minty!

IMG_2019 copy

The Toyota badge with an aligning foam. Pretty cool

IMG_2020 copy

GT86 badge – Don’t see it too often because I usually see just the Toyota emblems to keep it simple. But I liked the whole combination.

IMG_2022 copy

Just placed the emblem in the holes to check… Already looks better.

IMG_2024 copy

On! Love it.

IMG_2025 copy

And the rears on! Makes me love the car that much more.

IMG_2029 copy

Next up was JC’s car and his JDM visors.

IMG_2030 copy

Love the LED headlights so much

IMG_2031 copy

Ran outside as they were prepping JC’s car… snapped a few more shots.

IMG_2034 copy

Punit and his GS

IMG_2035 copy

Rich’s new car – Audi S6. He sold the WRX and has moved onto his new project. Quite a change – almost on the other end of the spectrum. But so far he loves it and it ain’t no slouch either…

IMG_2036 copy

Rich and JC getting to work.

IMG_2038 copy

The visors include the chrome strip to keep it looking uniform with the stock chrome edging.

IMG_2040 copy

JC peeling off that blue tape! The best part.

IMG_2041 copy

Nice and shiny! I think they flow nicely.

IMG_2042 copy

Punit unwrapping the rest of the visors.

IMG_2043 copy

Random shot.

IMG_2046 copy

Finished the other side fairly quickly.

IMG_2047 copy


IMG_2048 copy

I didn’t get a chance to get a full shot of the visors with the car out of the garage, but you’ll see it soon enough…

Yay for JDM goodies!

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