Raj’s Nissan Skyline: Better in Black

Last Sunday was probably the nicest day we’ve had all year so far… Beautiful skies and awesome sun make for a good day.

Shortly after posting Giuseppe’s Skyline, Raj had contacted me to shoot his Skyline as well, and this coming weekend there may be one more Skyline in the books. So this may very well be the only time I would be shooting three in a row… So if you like them Skylines, you’re in the right place. Raj’s car is on the other end of the spectrum of Giuseppe’s though – both nice cars – but two different styles. Raj’s Skyline is more on the subtle and simple side of things. It keeps things interesting around here.

Raj actually wanted a shoot because he is wanting to sell the car soon. Side note: lots of the cars that I shoot end up going up for sale shortly after or are being parted out… Not sure why, perhaps it’s cause they always want one last shoot like Raj or my camera is the camera of death for cars LOL! Either way, at least I am able to get the last few shots of the cars before they move on.

Onto the pictures!

IMG_1919 copy

I think this will be a new tradition of mine – starting each post off with a rolling shot. I posted this on Instagram last Sunday and like my caption read – we had epic skies and clouds that day. Love it.

IMG_1753 copy

Met up with JC of course… His car is always clean somehow…

IMG_1755 copy

And my always dirty car… I apologize I can never get a clean pic of it because: 1) my driveway got poured almost two weeks ago so it has to sit outside in all the rain we’ve had. 2) I’m too lazy. LOL

IMG_1756 copy

We met at the old St. Louis Hotel near East Village. It’s closed now but check how tiny that place is… Curious to go in there and take a look.

IMG_1758 copy

Raj and Leslie showed up shortly after and we got to it. My first couple shots are always warm up shots. Takes a while until I really get into it but I was pretty happy with where we were headed.

IMG_1763 copy

IMG_1767 copy

This shot was actually supposed to be straight on but as soon as Raj parked the car, a bus full of (very nice) hipsters parked right in front my shooting area. Literally a mini bangbus with hipsters jammed inside and they asked if I wanted to shoot the van. I declined but in retrospect – I should’ve at least taken one shot cause it was pretty awesome.

IMG_1802 copy

Headed underground to try out some shots since we haven’t shot in a parkade for a while.

IMG_1782 copy

IMG_1811 copy

And back outside – I’m not a fan of artificial light unless I can control it. Although I have no control over natural light either, it just looks better to me. Raj’s Skyline – especially in black – looks better with reflections.

IMG_1817 copy

My favourite view of most cars – especially with meaty rear tires.

IMG_1827 copy

Super clean and simple.

IMG_1834 copy

IMG_1852 copy

Body is still clean and in good condition.

IMG_1853 copy

One of my favourite wings on an R32.

IMG_1857 copy

IMG_1868 copy

One last static shot before moving onto the rollers!

IMG_1882 copy

JC finally cleaned his damn mirrors… Looks like he read my last post…

IMG_1908 copy

Diana pretending to be unimpressed with how the rollers turned out. Mediocre acting skills, Diana…

IMG_1957 copy

Warm up shot on the bridge.

IMG_1936 copy

A sloppy one but if this had turned out a little sharper, it would’ve been nice. Check JC’s rear tuck. Da-opeee

IMG_1945 copy

Now more serious shots. Like I said – the sky was awesome that day and it made for great reflections on black.

IMG_1995 copy

Another one through the trees.

And that’s a wrap! Perhaps if Raj sells his car, you’ll still see it around somewhere… Anddddd if we’re lucky, I’ll have one more Skyline post this weekend for you and then some. My plan is to bang out 2-3 shoots this weekend so I’ll have lots of stuff next week I hope!

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