Another (Tiny) Update…

…Pretty soon, these tiny updates will turn into big, expensive updates… X_X

Dave Fung stopped by earlier this evening to give a little protection to the FR-S. For years now, he’s been doing a bunch of little vinyl/3M work for me and he never fails to disappoint. I know it’s nothing crazy, but it’s a little piece of the puzzle that just makes me feel like I’m adding to the project bit by bit.

I got full 3M when I bought the car but apparently “full 3M” is not actually “full”. It’s everything but the damn headlights – which makes no sense to me.

Sorry – didn’t have my SLR handy so I just snapped them with my iPhone. Promise for a good update this weekend… Got 3 shoots lined up!

Dave working his magic. Used a nice 3M with clear coat on it and it’s super slick. I know – kind of lame to get excited over, but you’d understand if you love nice, smooth headlights lol

God… Stock height 4×4

Working the other side. It even looks clearer lol

Took some quick shots of Dave’s whip too. Matte white vinyl wrapped 335i… Putting down nice big numbers too. I believe 370hp if I remember correctly…


Definitely an eye catcher. He did the wrap himself as well. Nice and simple.

Thanks again Dave for the great work! Always appreciated!
Remember – check back sometime this weekend and the rest of the week to see the three other shoots!

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