Onto the Next One…

Something I’ve been looking at recently is the Subaru BRZ. I have always had my agenda open just incase something new came along. I ended up test driving and checking out the 370Z last night with Diana after bribing her with McDonald’s. I enjoyed the car, it’s something I’ve been longing for before I bought the LS460. I needed something that I could build that would rekindle the fire that I started with the STI.

As most of you know, I sometimes have severe regret with selling the STI. It’s not particularly the car that I miss, it’s the experience. Being able to just rip around in something fun. With the LS I lost all of that – it looked good and it was a different experience but it lacked everything the STI had except the power. Even then, the power is too refined to enjoy like you would with a sports car (obviously).

Tonight, we went to Subaru and test drove the BRZ. Why the BRZ, you ask? I don’t really have a good reason – it really is just because I like the headlights better because of the LED accents and I’m willing to bet I may even end up changing that down the road too. Everything else really isn’t important to me because I would change it anyway. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t know if it was a Subaru or a Scion when I’m through with it – like most of the modded ones. I enjoyed driving the BRZ. A lot… And perhaps it’s because I miss the experience so much that I feel this way, but the modding potential with this chassis is just endless. Reminds me of the S2000 back in the day. I may go back tomorrow depending on how I feel after I sleep on the idea… I’ll keep you guys posted.

With that said – here is a part of my vision. Obviously exponentially slower than how I built the STI, but I plan on getting it there.

The Varis Arising II Widebody. Varis never fails to please…

As I write this, I think back of when I had the STI and I posted pictures of the Varis STI dreaming about it… Deja vu all over again.

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