I’m Still Here!!!

I’m not dead yet! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without having any sort of meaningful post. I apologize for the lack of any updates since Tony’s shoot… The weather has been pretty shitty every weekend. Whenever it’s nice out, I am way too busy and when I have nothing to do, it’s raining or snowing.

I think this is also the longest I’ve ever gone without washing my car in the history of me ever driving a car lol. It makes no sense for me to wash it because of all the construction going on – I don’t even have a clean driveway to get into the garage yet…

Anyways – thought I’d grab the camera and stretch its legs real quick and let you see just how dirty my car is. I’m almost too busy to even care to be honest… But hopefully the I got some upcoming shoots soon… Just waiting on that nice weather. Any day now…

IMG_0778 copy

Matte everything.

IMG_0783 copy

Months of no washing…

IMG_0786 copy

Caked on dirt. I really want to just give it to someone to give it the TLC it deserves because I can’t!

IMG_0780 copy

Breaks my heart…

Don’t lose faith in me yet! The blog will come alive when the weather starts to warm up!

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