Stickers and Shit

I couldn’t think of any other title other than the one above. It really was just a little time of stickers and shit.

Since Punit just got his car back last week from the shop and a fresh air install, he wanted to put the final touch on it with the Mode Luxe pinstripe. Punit, JC, Gopesh, my sister, Naomi and her son Isaiah came by last night to chill and have a game night and we started by putting all the stickers on Punit’s car. I guess you could say this was the first time we did “something” in my garage. When the weather gets nicer, we’ll be painting it and prepping it to get it all pretty.

Just some quick snaps from last night…

IMG_0742 copy

Punit and Gopesh drying the GS. Shitty weather yesterday and today is like a bikini and banana hammock day. So messed in Calgary.

IMG_0743 copy

A shot of his fitment with air now. Love it.

IMG_0745 copy

All dry where we need it to be.

IMG_0747 copy

There’s the first side done. We’re pro at it now haha. Meanwhile, JC is working on re-arranging his stickers on the rear window and also on his tank… You’ll see…

IMG_0750 copy

And the driver side done. Looks dope and exactly like the photoshop I did a few months ago! The LS photobombing in the back…

IMG_0752 copy

Meanwhile… Outside the LS and the Fit are in the rain/snow mix. Shitty driveway gravel too… I haven’t even washed my car since we moved in either haha

IMG_0755 copy

The best part of Punit’s air is his tank. He had a great idea to make it look like a Duracell battery and it happens to be appropriate with his hybrid. I love how this looks so much.

IMG_0757 copy

A shot from further out. Super clean look.

IMG_0758 copy

Another shot of it all done. JC cleaning up the edges.

IMG_0759 copy

Another shot outside.

IMG_0760 copy

IMG_0762 copy

Gopesh’s GTI – we haven’t seen this in a long ass time!

IMG_0765 copy

JC just finishing up the edges on the last door.

IMG_0766 copy

This shot was Punit’s idea… Shitty that the cars are dirty but we’ll take another one when the weather is nicer and we have a chance to clean the cars properly.

IMG_0770 copy

A shot from Instagram! Love this.

IMG_0772 copy

Last shot. Now only if I could convince Diana to get a car we can bag and further enforce the idea that we may be drug dealers. (So we hear hahahahahaha… Oh Airdrie…)

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