Moved On

Forgot to post this a while ago. Thought it’d be a nice way to show the difference.

The picture that I took of my room when I had first moved into my parents basement after we built it compared to how it was on the last day I was home.

Funny because most of you reading this will have probably seen this picture posted a million times from people claiming it was their room on Instagram to some stance group that thought it fit their criteria of posts. It’s recirculated Tumblr over thousands of times and probably reposted more times that I can count. I never actually thought it would get that type of attention – but to be honest, it is the definition of a Hypebeast room. It got hate cause it was in my parents house or that I bought car parts with no car to put it on. The list goes on… But it’s over now!

This was a good filler post. LOL! I’ll have some good stuff up tomorrow!

IMG_0310 copy

After. Kind of sad to see it that way…

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