Missing in Action Lately…

Whoa I’ve been MIA for a long ass time. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a lack of posts for a while…

The main reason is because we’ve been busy moving in and settling in. I don’t even have a desk for the office or anything yet to prop the computer up. I’m writing this as I sit at my desk at work because that’s really the only place I can “maybe” find some time to do anything computer related. It’s been just over a week since we’ve moved in and we’re pretty much settled in – we’re just trying to make it feel more like home if anything. It’s difficult to do that when you need so much furniture. Home stuff ain’t cheap, especially when we have a wedding to plan too. Bad move on my part haha

It also doesn’t help that this weather is sucking big time – It’s practically almost April and we’re still getting snow every damn day. My fingers are crossed that the forecast is right for next week and we’ll at least be on the warmer end of the thermometer and that it stays that way. That is also another reason for the lack of any content – nothing to shoot!

Anyways – just two pics from the day we moved in! I’m not dead – I’ll post something soon!


Roads are all still shitty cause there’s a lot of construction going on.unnamed
Her new home and where she’s been sitting for the last week and a half. Such a bummer.

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