International Auto Show 2014

Finally another post! It’s getting rare lately but I’m trying my best. I was able to go to the Auto Show with Diana, JC, and Punit on Saturday and see what was new and exciting and drool over things we can’t afford. Another pretty decent show – the hard hitters as usual were Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti and Lexus. I’m over taking pictures of every damn car because I don’t care much for the others… You’ll just see shots of the more interesting cars to me.. 🙂

The new Fit. Not a fan of it all… Especially the headlights. Reminds me of the Insight.

My all-time favourite car at the show was this beautiful RS7. Words cannot describe how much Audi killed the design and styling of this car. Everything from front to back is just beautiful. $160,000 of beauty.

Back end is awesome too. One of the only Audi’s that is really different than the other models.

The Audi A3. Meh.

The new STI. I’m personally a pretty big fan of the new styling… It looks a little smaller overall, but pretty decent. Side note: You see that group of guys? Two in the car and the other one looking in? That one guy looking in was going on and on about how the trunk didn’t close when he was tapping it. He also went on to talk about down force and somehow mated it up with the idea of closing the trunk. My #1 pet peeve at car shows: everybody is an engineer and knows everything about every car. We also later saw the genius at the BMW booth and couldn’t figure out how to open the hood cause he couldn’t find the latch *cough in the grill *cough.

Interior of the STI. A lot nicer than the previous gens. My complaint about mine was the interior never changed much… I like the addition of what looks to be a G-force meter in the center.

The CLA. Looks great too

The all new S-class. I love this chassis…

Again, front end styling on most of the luxury manufacturer cars are getting super aggressive. I love it.

Same with the new Genesis sedan… Starting price at $45,000?! I’M IN.

The new Infiniti’s are pretty nice as well. However, I’m not going to go and pretend I know all of the new models, cause I don’t….

But the interior of the new Infiniti’s are awesome. That wood is crazy.

The Lexus flagship – LS460. Love the new front fascia… What I would do to trade mine…

The Ct200h and its new spindle grill looks great too.

The LFA just on the other side…

And the GS right beside the CT. My favourite bumper of the whole Lexus line up. Good job, Lexus.

Beautiful Panamera.

Cadillac is also another hard hitter lately… Before they were always seen as an “old man’s car”. But with their recent change in styling and new models, it looks like it’s catering more towards the middle aged demographic. I’d rock one though

CTS-V has been a long time favourite of mine…

The TLX prototype. While I’m a fan of it, I’m confused with where Acura is trying to place themselves in terms of class. Maybe it’s just me but it just looks like they’re taking every letter of the alphabet and trying to make sure they create a car that ends with an “X”. lol

Love the jewel headlights though.

Beautiful M6.

New Escalade. How do you say no to how gangster that looks?!

Shot of the Scion booth. Similar set up every year…

Crazy IQ that Evasive looks to have built with a Voltex wing.

Baby blue Aventador.

The car equivalent to my house. T_T

And a shot of the Scion FR-S that I missed when we were at the booth. I get the feeling that this is the same one as last year but with different vinyl and livery…

Anyways – a pretty decent show overall. A good space filler for the blog! lol

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