Techstreaming the LS

Finally a somewhat relevant post. One thing that you’ll notice is that as spring approaches, everybody is getting really tired of not scratching that itch of modding their cars. People will start putting on little pieces here and there or playing around with something just to alleviate it a bit, and that’s when I usually have something to post because I am also guilty of it.

A few weeks ago, JC was telling me about this techstream tool that is used as a diagnostic tool and to change certain things with the onboard ECU’s… I was stoked to try because I wanted to try and get rid of the warning lights from removing my stock air suspension. It was pretty damn cold yesterday but we did it anyway… -30C with the windchill and all of us were just wearing sweaters. Must be a Canadian thing…

JC and Punit showed up

Here is a clusterfuck of warning lights. Note: not all of them are always on… This was just cause I didn’t start the car fully. However, you can see the top 3 orange/yellow lights on the left. Those are the annoying ones…

Plugged the USB in and started up the comp. “Danger to manifold!!!” haha

Here is the software all started up. Detecting the car.

You choose your model and such…

All the different types of ECU’s in the LS. There was about 60 altogether.

And a shot of changing some of the options. This is kind of the post-killer mainly because we didn’t really solve anything other than disable the warning beep for driving without your seatbelt. We did try to clear the codes for the air suspension and TPMS but to no avail. I was hoping it could just clear and go away, but I suppose the car is smarter than our way of thinking…

We didn’t care to spend anymore time to figure out what else it could do cause it was freezing in the car… Ah well, back to warning lights I guess.

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