Mode Luxe – New & Improved

Yesterday the new Mode Luxe decals came in which I was pretty stoked on. I put some time in a few weeks ago trying to get a better look and feel of the sticker. While I do still like the look of the old decal, I find that this one has much better appeal. “Luxe” is now in english, so people weren’t just saying “what’s Mode… and then those japanese characters?”. It’s also much cleaner looking too – straight and to the point.

The problem with the older ones (which was a miss on my part) was that it was way too small. You can see in the pictures below what I mean in comparison to the other decals. Hope the VIP guys are ready to rip the old ones off and rock the new and improved ones 🙂

The old one. Previously, I had the english say “dress up style car club” but I decided to switch it around since it made more sense and looked way better.

Old one came off… In the garage in -25C weather lol.

The new one applied. I love it.

Last look.

Still working on the side decal – I can’t decide if that will be too much or not, but I suppose the VIP scene is all about being “too much”.

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