Lexus Super LS – Black Pearl

This deserves a repost just cause it’s so effing crazy. Most of you probably aren’t following the VIP scene if you aren’t really into it and if you aren’t really into it, you probably won’t care much for this. Japan is just stepping it up and just going all out. This particular style probably won’t satisfy everyone’s taste, but you have to give Black Pearl props for doing something like this on the new gen LS. Their bodykits are pretty wild, but creating kits that incorporate the just about every piece of the car is insane.

I personally LOVE the look of this and would rock the F out of this. The only thing I would change are the wheels, but everything else is awesome… What do you guys think?


The familiar Black Pearl front end with some minor adjustments. Front fascia just looks like an angry bulldog almost. I love that they’ve kept the spindle grill look… I don’t get why people hate it so much.

Crazy rear quarter – all molded.. no bolt on.1010979_508471389269546_368007385_n

Again, the familiar rear bumper with the quarters molded in.1601023_508469292603089_1683052038_n

Probably the craziest part of this LS is the whole molded door and quarter. Reminiscent of the Audi R8… But retains the Black Pearl side skirts.1618644_508063795976972_498325161_n

Check out that hood. Loving the incorporation of hood vents with the VIP style lately. Some are even adding subtle hood modifications like the “M3 hump”.1619181_508459119270773_731391005_n

Wild fender also flowing onto the door.1780807_508469325936419_999605101_n

The best thing about all of this is how well this all fits. 1907612_508470255936326_1756898991_n

My favourite shot is the side profile. It completely changes the look of the LS – from a subtle, elegant luxury sedan to an almost GT-inspired big body race car.

Too good. Also too much money. Which reminds me… I don’t have money for my car anymore. OR EVER. T_T

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