Love Always.

There’s some news that you love to get and there’s some news that you pray to never get. You know how some days you wake up and you dread waking up because you don’t want to go to work or you’d rather sleep in and just lay there? That was me this morning.

Tonight, I’m going to go to bed and thank everyone for being exactly as they are in my life, and I will wake up embracing the day. Throughout all of this, I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that you too, see another day and embrace it with all that you have. I regret that this is what it takes for me to do this because we should all be doing it anyway. If there is one thing that you get out of this: love everyone always.

My greatest wish is that if I could take even a fraction of the hurt and pain away from you to make you feel better, I would take it in an instant. My heart truly and deeply aches for you and let me tell you; if there is anything that I can do for you that is in my power to do, I will.

We lost an angel today. RIP Sheree.

IMG_6357 copyDiana and Sheree.

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