Unedited Shots: Adam’s Honda Civic

Going back to just last summer when we shot Adam’s (now totaled) Civic (not by him BTW). His Civic was definitely one of my favourites in terms of styling and simplicity. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I was really digging the wheels, stance and overall look. It wasn’t so much of a functional look but more of a “fuck it, I’m gonna fit the craziest wheels on here and look good doing it” type of look. I’m a fan of anything put together with the right pieces – whether it’s functional or not.

Later, near the end of the summer – Adam ended up parting the Civic and trading it for an LS400 that was also quite slammed and on a set of wheels (I don’t recall what they were). Realizing that’s not the route he wanted to go, he sold that not too long after and is presently looking for a new project car. We always chat about how we miss the one we let go – in our case, my STI and his Civic. There was just something about my STI that I was completely bored of but absolutely loved at the same time and you don’t realize it until you sell it that you made a huge mistake. I’m sure Adam feels the same way, as do many others that may have sold a car to move on and realized it was a bad decision.

Anyways – most of these shots are ones that I don’t remember editing or completing skipping either because I didn’t like the composition or whatever. Either way, I am totally abusing the shit out of this edit right now and I love it. Although, I already see how it can be abused quite easily… I’ll tone it down after this post and get back to my usual edits, I promise haha!

Filllin’ up before we head out to the wilderness

An angled rolling shot of JC

This shot in particular wasn’t my favourite… But like I mentioned in Almond’s post, the edit seems to make the blur/out of focus look decent.

Has cleaning supplies. Still has a dirty bumper.

And the last shot.. I believe I have edited this one before but it was too good to leave out again. Look at that dish.

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