Photoshop: SSR MS3 x LS460

After I posted a wheel Wednesday post yesterday, I decided to just have some fun with some possibilities. One of my favourite wheels since release have been the SSR MS3’s. I really really really wanted to cop myself a set of these when I first got the LS but it didn’t come in any size bigger than 20″. While 20″ is still a large wheel, the LS dwarfs anything smaller than 21″. Most guys with LS460’s are running 22’s and that’s a great size for the LS, but the tire selection and price can be frustrating to deal with.

I ended up photoshopping the flat black face onto it to see what it would look like, but it doesn’t quite match the colour of my car that well. I think a chrome or silver would still be my best bet for the car… But my God, the MS3’s look so good.

Also got some new goodies on the way for the LS… Something to ease the itch of the mod bug for a while… I’ll post it as soon as I get it.


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