Unedited Shots: Barb & Justin’s TSX’s

Calgary is now a wonderful (not really) winter wonderland right now and those of you who are local know this describable joy. I personally hate the winter – mainly because I’m not a fan of winter-anything. I hate being cold and I hate not being able to drive my car. This has turned me into quite the grouch lately and if you follow me on twitter, you know that I have been pretty bitter about everything from the idiot drivers to sore arms from shoveling. As I write this, I think about what I would trade to not have winter anymore and thoughts of my one kidney or the ability to taste food come to mind – but only briefly. BUT that’s enough complaining for this post…

As you may have guessed – it is now creeping into that time where I look back onto shoots I have done and edit shots I haven’t edited or posted yet. Some may look familiar, but for the most part they are fairly new.

Was going through my files last night and got into the dual TSX folder – Barb and Justin’s slammed TSX’s both on CE28’s. This was a particularly fun shoot because they were pretty much the same car, just different colours. It also happened to be a combination of my favourite colours to shoot – silver/white, and my least favourite colours to shoot – white/black. LOL

Times have changed since the shoot though… Barb is trying to sell her TSX as far as I know and Justin is on Enkei NT03’s, I believe…

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