It’s over 100,000!!!!

Bringing it all the way back to where it started. Kind of a coincidence that I just posted my Civic yesterday too… but it’s still fitting.

The blog has hit over 100,000 hits and while it’s no where near 1 million or anything, it’s quite surprising and awesome to me to know that in a little over two years, that many people have come and checked out my page. This page really is a snapshot of my life over the last two years. I’ve literally broadcasted a lot of my life on here for everyone to see and you have seen my projects, where my money has gone, why I’m broke and even what I’m doing on the weekends sometimes.

Thank you for the support! I don’t foresee a lack of updates in the coming years because everyone is always going to be modding their cars and as long as I have a camera and time, I’ll be trying to take pictures of them! Who knows… Maybe I’ll hit 1 million some day…

IMG_6918 copy

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