Mode Luxe VIP Side Decal

Well I finally got around to designing a Mode Luxe decal – version 2.0 for the side of the car. The first decal I made under the “Mode Luxe” banner was a simple and small (maybe too small) Japanese-style car club sticker. I’ll probably revisit that again this winter and try to revamp it and get it done bigger and better.

For now though, I really wanted to come up with a side decal for the car – sort of like a livery that race cars get. You start to see a lot of VIP cars going this route now with decals rather than the window decals and I personally love it. As long as it’s designed nicely, most cars can pull off that same design. This has been a rough draft and I’m thinking of incorporating shades of grey into the decal to keep it interesting. Bill over at Three Twenty is going to be helping me bring this decal to life soon enough!

Here is a rendering of what it would look like. Very basic but gives the car some character. I would definitely line up the right side with the curves of the door to make it look clean, but that’s the general idea.

The actual design. I think I’ll be making some minor adjustments to the left lines to make them thicker. I haven’t decided whether I wanted the english text to say “Dress up style car club” or “high style society” yet. The Kanji says the latter, but I may switch it up too.

What do you guys think?

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