Wedding Prep…

This is what my life has come to – photographing wedding prep stuff and navigating the “household/home decor” corner of the internet instead of car parts. Honestly the last thing that is on my mind right now is my car… Occasionally I’ll think about it and it’ll immediately get kiboshed with the fact that we have other, more important expenses lol. What is the meaning of life!?

Anyways, our save the date cards were finally done and so Diana spent Saturday night putting them together and sealing them up so that we can send them out. Now comes the tedious process of buying a butt load of stamps, getting a bunch of addresses, and putting them on all the envelopes to send out. Quite the pain… But this should be the one of the few things that we can get out of the way for now until the day gets closer. Lots of behind the scenes planning to do that isn’t as rushed now…

Diana putting some finishing touches on the cards.

The envelopes. A nice little teaser.

Our house is coming together nicely as well! First floor and garage is pretty much done for framing – the second floor should be done by next weekend. I’ll try to post some pics up when I have time.

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