House Update!

Diana and I decided to stop by the house yesterday afternoon and to our surprise, the concrete foundation is just about complete! Just last week, only the concrete footings were in so we weren’t really expecting much yesterday but it’s getting super exciting now. This is the stage where we’ll see a bunch of progress up until the framing goes up and then it’ll just seem like a standstill after that. As long as the cement is good and the framing is up before the snow starts falling heavy, we’re happy.

The weather today – like the whole world has pointed out – sucks. Yesterday was sunny and totally t-shirt weather at like +20C, and today we wake up to a snowfall warning and 10cm that has already dropped and something like -4C. That’s Calgary for you… and like I said before, it’s going to be a LOOONGGG winter.


This was about a week after we finalized the deal. Empty lot and nothing but dirt in the ground.


Some shots from yesterday. So exciting to see this up.  And no, that utility box is not on our lot – thank god. It’s actually just on the edge of ours and on the other house’s lot. Kind of a bummer though because when we first picked the lot, the utility box wasn’t there and it wasn’t on any plans either. photo3

One more angle…

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