Irony or Coincidence?

Well, this is my luck right now. I’ve mentioned to a JC and Diana lately that I’m jelly of how their iPhone pics and instagram posts look way nicer than mine. One of my biggest gripes when I got my Nexus 4 was that the camera wasn’t the greatest, but the phone overall was great.

Yesterday I was just talking about maybe trying out the new iPhone 5S but I was hesitant because I had the iPhone 5, so it was no different…

Then all of the sudden, today after the gym I went to go throw my bag in the trunk of my car, my left hand holding the phone got knocked the edge of my trunk and at that very moment, I thought to myself – “it better not have f***ing cracked or else I’ll rage” but at the same time I thought “If it’s cracked, it looks like I get what I wanted”. Of course it also fell face first and as I picked it up, I saw the face all cracked. Usually it’s no biggie, but this time the screen was not even responsive so I couldn’t do anything and I had no back-up phone at home.

My luck with Androids aren’t so great. My first one – I dropped on the face and it cracked. Now my second one and it also dropped on its face. SOB.

Anyways… I was lucky enough to head over to the Futureshop near my house and picked one up…

IMG_9956 copy

The victim.IMG_9957 copy

Chunks missing…IMG_9958 copy

And I’d also like to point out that it was in PERFECT condition too. I was even planning on selling it… but not anymore. UGHHHIMG_9961 copy

The kinda new 5S. I say “kinda” because it’s no different than my old 5 lolIMG_9963 copy

Also got a sweet hook on the Mophie juice case so hopefully that helps with the battery issue I always encounter. We’ll see…

Anyways, just decided to write about how lame my luck is today, and to top it off – it’s Monday tomorrow. Yay.

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