PoorForm: Steph’s Lexus GS

Finally back to regular broadcasting! Hope all you Canadian friends had a good Thanksgiving! It’s tough to be back at work today after all that turkey and a long weekend, but there’s no choice but to get back to the grind.

This week I’ll finish up the PoorForm shoot we did last weekend – consisting of 3 cars. Jimmy’s 2JZ GS, his LS430 and Steph’s GS.

First up is Steph’s GS – and I’ll admit right off the bat now that I didn’t get as many pictures of her GS as I had hoped. Doing three shoots in a span of a few hours is difficult because you need to find several different locations for each car. We could have technically gone to three locations, shot the cars at different angles and called it a day but I’m a fan of using different locations for different shots. It’s a little more exciting that way… However, I ended up taking a few shots of Steph’s car and somehow we ended up shooting the Jimmy’s GS right after and never had time to get back to Steph’s GS aside from the rollers.

Her GS is done extremely well – starting at the fitment and wheel choice of the Meister S1R’s to the immaculate body and interior condition.

The first thing you notice is how clean the body of her GS is. Clean, simple, and very functional. Peep that rear lip.

Side profile shot of her GS is awesome. It sits static and quite low and Steph drives it very well. I don’t mean to be sexist or anything, but you don’t see too many girls driving lowered cars around that carefully. It’s in great condition.

Another shot of the rear lip. I love – and will always love – meisters.

The first pink combo of Junction Produce Tsuna and Fusa. Suits it well.

Of course – a roller.

And again – the one with Jimmy’s 2JZ GS – which will be the last part to this triple threat shoot.

If I find more shots that I happened to skip over of Steph’s GS, I’ll definitely post it. I’ve gone through literally thousands of pictures over the last 3 weeks and my eyes get to the point where they’ll skip tons of pics and I won’t see it until next year or something.

Anyways – Jimmy’s LS430 will be up in a few days!

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