PoorForm Triple Threat: Coming Soon

Starting to wind down with the shoots now… Last night was our second last shoot (for now) and that was of Adrian’s boosted Civic. I’ve got one more next week and unless we book more in, then that will be it. Every night that we go shoot, the sun seems to go down 15 minutes quicker. It’s brutal! But hopefully all of these will keep you guys entertained for another month or so… I do have some shots saved up to scatter throughout winter too so it should be good.

BUT I am excited to start posting the next three cars that we shot all in one afternoon last weekend. It comes from PoorForm – Jimmy and his girlfriend – Steph have an awesome triple threat Lexus line up. I’ll post a quick teaser post of them from when we went over. All great cars… Especially his 2JS GS… But I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Steph’s GS sitting pretty. Fitment on the Work S1R’s are money.

Jimmy’s monster GS and his (somewhat) newly acquired Datsun which is a work in progress.

Rich brought Ollie out for the shoot as well.

JC back on winters… Yes, it’s that time of year again and this is when the realization finally hits you – when you change wheels.

Jimmy’s LS430 also waiting to be shot. JC and I had the joy of taking this one as our ride during the photoshoot since we needed another driver. Great car and very familiar to the LS460.

Another shot of Jimmy’s Datsun. Paint is still in immaculate condition too.

At the back of his garage was a nice big set of Brembos for a Supra sitting alone.

The two GS’s…

And the roller I posted up on the Facebook page a few days ago… I’ll start off with Steph’s GS first, move onto the LS430 and then end it off with the 2JZ GS. Should be a gooder! I’ll try to spend more time tonight editing the rest of the photos and hopefully get the first set up by the weekend.

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