White is Right – Aldo’s Honda S2000

Still going! I’m not gonna lie – all these photoshoots are starting to take its toll on me. I’m literally just exhausted – it doesn’t help that it’s always so friggin cold and it makes it that much more difficult to shoot when you’re shivering and trying to get a good shot. Yesterday evening we were supposed to shoot Tim’s EG but the weather turned out crappy so we rescheduled for next week. I’m kind of glad though because yesterday was the day that I needed some rest, although I did end up editing more pictures last night anyway, it was nice to just stay home for the evening. Even told me he ended up sleeping for 3 hours and he was feeling exhausted too… Today we are scheduled to shoot Adrian’s Civic – so we’re back in the game tonight. Hopefully the weather holds up – but it seems like every day is getting just a little colder…

Anyways – let’s start this off again with Aldo’s S2000. Aldo just picked this bad boy up earlier this year and it was a big change from his Mercedes that he was rocking for a long time. He went from a luxury-type over to a racer-boy car – I don’t blame him though… The S2000 is an awesome car to drive stock, but add a few more pieces like suspension and an exhaust and it’s perfect… And that’s just what Aldo did.

The side profile shot of the S2000 is always a perfect angle. No matter what route you go – super aggressive and GT-styled or laid back and modest – like Aldo, most looks will end up turning out right for the S2000. Aldo purchased the car mostly how you see it in the picture, minus the addition of the CE28’s and coilovers. The wing and lip were already there and his plans are to ditch the replica parts next year for something bigger and better. In fact, at this exact spot – he asked me if he should do a GT wing. If you know me, I would never say no – so I do hope that he goes that route next year and slowly changes over to the aggressive styling for the S2000.

White on white is always awesome to shoot – especially during the sunset.

Side story: earlier that day, Punit messaged us and said his tire was flat and had to change over to the spare. While we were shooting, Gopesh ended up driving the GS over to our location to meet up quickly and we took a look at the GS…

The wheel was in the trunk and it ended up being pretty bad… The tire came loose and the inside of the rim ended up rolling on the ground. Luckily for Punit it’s on the inside of the wheel only…

Shot of that awesome spare. I love how Lexus chose to paint it a cream color haha

Back to the shoot near a mill.

Getting in to move the car…

JC over to the side. He was sitting in there editing his picture to post on IG. Another side story: on every shoot that we go on, JC usually takes a shot, edits it and IG’s it – but he always ends up taking a killer shot and I’m not going to lie – I wish I knew how to do phone edits as good as him. I’ve already threatened to uninvite him to all future shoots if he keeps taking business away from me like that.

Aldo rocking the metallic on black LEVEL one decal. Most of us are rocking the metallic on white… I like this look too!

Another piece that was on the car when Aldo got the car was this intake scoop – which is actually functional and directs the air into the bay.

Looking great from behind.

More rollers!

Coming away from the sunset.

Our last location was at a junkyard-ish type of place. A nice backdrop with the sunset coming through.

the CE28’s shining away.

Lastly – one of Aldo’s additions was the J’s Racing stainless steel catback exhaust. I love this piece and I love the sound even more… Ever since I owned the Civic, I longed for a J’s Racing exhaust but I never got to fulfill the dream so I just admire everyone elses haha

That’s a wrap for Aldo’s S2000! Stay tuned! The next few batches will be coming straight from Poor Form…

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