Shout Out to @JTenchiYB

Just wanted to take a quick break from all the photoshoot posts and car related things and say thanks to my good friend, JC. Ironically it’s because of all these photoshoots that I’m writing this and 9 out of the 10 photoshoots you see on here, he’s given me a helping hand. Right from the day I said “man, I need to do photoshoots… Winter is coming soon and I didn’t get a chance to shoot anything this year”, he’s played a part in setting things up. For the longest time whenever I went on shoots, I asked JC to come because without him – the locations these cars have been at would not have been known to me, the rolling shots you see wouldn’t ever be shot, and frankly I’m probably too lazy to even ask people to do them.

So from things like contacting the owners, to finding a location, to being the chase car for the rollers – it’s all JC. I’ll be honest – I’m a lazy guy when it comes to this, and he’s even come to pick my ass up more times than I can count to get this shoot done. Trust me, if I could just be transported to the location, point the camera, shoot, and then transport back home again to edit – I would have every car in the city shot. Alas, it’s not that way and so JC goes out of his way to help me do it.

Just to be clear though – I do shoots because I love to shoot; not because I’m looking to make an extra buck or want worldwide fame. I love seeing awesome car photos just as much as the next guy, so if I can share it, then I’ll gladly do so in any way that I can. Contrary to popular belief – I don’t make a penny and I don’t fund my car by doing this. You guys that think this can suck it. I want the pictures for my own personal enjoyment and portfolio. I just hope all of you guys that I’ve shot pics of remember me when you’re famous (just kidding).

And so, the only thing that comes from me is the product and unfortunately, that’s all the audience (you guys) see. The behind the scenes stuff – the things I mentioned above – are the important things. Like most things, if nothing happens behind the scenes, the scenes don’t happen at all. So thank you, JC for tagging along and taking time out of your evenings to do this – even if it is just for fun, we all have fun doing it. We’re on something like our 7th shoot and we still have a handful lined up to go. It’s going to be a busy month!

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