Sunday Funday: Jackie Tong’s Acura NSeX

Yesterday was another great day of shooting and this time, it was none other than Jackie Tong’s Acura NSX – The Japanese Ferrari. The NSX may be old, but the lines and design still make today’s automobile designs look dated. This is the reason the NSX will be one of the most legendary cars ever built and I’m personally glad that I got the opportunity to shoot one.

On a more personal level – Jackie has done incredibly well for himself over the past few years. Since the day I met him, he was driving a slammed Integra on gold Advan RG’s and was getting around that way. Up until just last year, he opened up his own shop – Zero Limit Automotive and now drives the wicked machine you’re about to see here and a gangster off-road 4Runner on the side. I guess you could say Drake’s song can apply to Jackie here…

If you haven’t hit up Zero Limit for your car related needs, you need to do so! Jackie does it all – from installing and setting up air suspension (my LS) to your regular alignments and oil changes. Jackie has worked on a lot of our cars and all of us has ended up leaving happy so you know he’s doing it right. Let’s get to the pics!

Please note: Lots of rollers because the NSX looks amazing while rolling.

Looks great on the dark gun metallic Advan RS’s – a fairly new upgrade from his previous set: Advan RG-D’s in gold.

The red on the NSX also shines nicely and hits your eye with a bunch of different shades in different lights.

This was probably my favourite shot from the shoot – looks great in the Fall setting.

Perfect fitment out back and a nice shot of his downforce side skirts.

Another roller down low.

Excellent lines from the rear quarter as well.

Head on shot – I don’t think there is a single angle of the NSX that doesn’t look good. I know I’ve mentioned before that some cars just don’t look “great” at some angles. The NSX doesn’t have that problem..

For some reason, this shot just gave me a “Nurburgring” feel.

Rich and JC also came along for the shoot. Good company as always.

Super meaty in the rear. Jackie moved up from 245 (I believe?) to a 285 in the rear. An awesome size on the NSX body.

Shot of the NSX power house.

Uneven ground on the front driver tire, but it was too good of a shot to leave alone.

A carbon wing out back. Nice and subtle – doesn’t look out of place at all. Usually carbon wings (not GT) look odd when they’re just replaced or added. It fits right at home on Jackie’s NSX.

And the last shot of the day!

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