[fuckitass] Steve Chan’s Acura RSX

Round 2 for photoshoots! The cold weather is already here – most mornings are 0C or +1C if we’re lucky… I’ve already filled my calendar with two shoots next week so far and I’m trying to fill it up more. It’s about that time where a lot of our house appointments are dying down and I’m at the point where I’m willing to put down GTA V for a little bit to do some work. The only thing left is securing a venue for the wedding – we’ve got a few more appointments for those, so I hope we can get one soon…

Anyways, last night I went out to shoot Steve’s RSX with JC. JC and I are “Team J” – it’s rare when I’m not doing a photoshoot without JC and when I am, it’s because he’s busy doing something else. He’s always usually the chase car for rolling shots and the go-to guy for locations. I just point and shoot. The funny thing about this shoot is that during the summer, I usually saw Steve every weekend if we were doing car stuff, but I have never actually shot his car. The same goes for everyone else that usually comes and hangs out on the weekend – we see each other often but it’s never their cars that I’m shooting – it’s always someone else. It’s been a few years now so yesterday when JC asked if I wanted to shoot Steve’s car, I sat and thought about it for a second and shocked myself because it hit me that this would be the first time haha

Steve’s car has also been one to go through lots of different stages – adding new parts here and there and just slowly getting better. I think the first time I met Steve, his car was very subtle. He still had the Mugen kit but with a Type R wing, he was on gold Advan RG’s sitting quite a lot higher than you see in these pics on Tein S-Tech springs. His interior was still quite stock as well.

Not a great picture but here’s how it looked a few years back for his illmotion feature.

Anywho – let’s move onto the photos from last night. Another good shoot in the bag!

Start it off with a rolling shot. I like to do that sometimes cause it usually gets people excited haha (uh… no homo).

Here’s a good shot for comparison to the older shot I posted above. Steve is way lower now than before and he’s sitting on much more aggressive wheels. Keeping up with the mag blue trend, this is a perfect shoot to follow Eric Yu’s Civic. Steve added a set of Type R Brembos to the front which is a nice addition that you don’t see all too often. He also switched over to the Mugen wing to match the rest of the Mugen kit.

JC’s car sitting over in the distance. Looking clean as usual.

A nice side profile shot. A nice shot of his stance and how low he sits. Check the mid section of his exhaust. You can also see that Steve added a Cusco rear cage to the interior as well.

You can’t see it here either but Steve also recently switched out his Buddy Club straight pipe exhaust (AKA loud as phuck exhaust) to a much quieter and refined Mugen twin loop. So instead of hearing him coming from his house, we hear him when he’s about 1 km away. hahaha

The sky and weather was nice to us last night. It was a bit chilly, but nothing a sweater couldn’t solve. You can also see JC’s car again…

As we were shooting and Steve was moving into place for the next shot, JC noticed something under Steve’s wiper blade. It was a parking receipt… JC read it for a few seconds and then burst out laughing because the plate entered was “FUCKITASS” LOL. We’re all confused as to why someone would put it on Steve’s car and why they would fake a plate when the ticket was free anyway. Either way, it was hilarious and that’s the reason it’s part of the blog title haha

Overhead shot by the huge cylinder thingies.

You’ll notice in the rear of this shot that the rear lip is not a Mugen lip anymore. His newest addition this year was the Spoon diffuser, but in order for him to fit the diffuser, he had to switch the rear back to the Type R lip since it didn’t fit properly.

In JC’s car rolling to the next location.

My favourite shot of the night was the roller from the rear quarter. Check that rear wheel tuck.

At the next spot… CT chillin.

A nice strip of road that’s pretty dead. This was Steve’s idea – no idea how he found it, but it was nice.

A rear quarter shot. I’ve been telling Steve to try and get taller wing stands for his Mugen wing – I think it would look so bad ass and so much more aggressive if it lined up with his roof line. Side note: The mag blue looks great here with the paint.

Last shot of the night. A dual shot on the empty road – easy to do since there was next to no traffic…

And there you have it! Last shot for the week. Next week will be more great sets to look forward to! Stay tuned!

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