Eric Yu’s 2008 Honda Civic Si

Finally back in the groove! (sort of). Like I’ve mentioned a million times before, I’ve been wanting to go out and shoot but every time I get the chance – either something comes up or the weather turns shitty and then I get lazy for a week and not shoot lol. Luckily for me, Eric messaged me yesterday and asked if I could shoot his car one last time because he has decided to part it out. It’s sad for two reasons: It’s a car that has been built up with good quality and it looks good. No corners cut, no hack job installs… It’s just great to look at. The other reason is that Eric isn’t planning on selling the car, just driving it stock. The pain is that he’s not getting rid of it, nor is he driving what he has built up to love. I mentioned to Eric that there’s probably a 99.99% chance that he’s going to regret it, but there’s also a 0.01% chance I’m wrong.

Eric’s Civic was and still is his first car that he’s owned since 2009. He’s gone through a few different stages and I’m personally a fan of this look the most. Many times, the last look is the look that really sticks. It’s the look that finally works after several sets of wheels to make sure the fitment is right or after going through your cheap ricer stage and finally realizing it’s not the look you wanted even though you swear it was when you first started. So why part it out at the end and say “that’s it”? There are probably tons of reasons, but I find the answer is usually always that it’s time to move on or there are other priorities. I’ve been through that and it’s the worst feeling in the world driving a stock car after you’ve put so much into building it up. Perhaps this will sway Eric into holding off on parting it out, or perhaps not.

Either way, Eric’s Si is great to shoot because it reminds me of my Civic that I also ended up parting out and now drive for the winter. (I regret it). It is one of the cleanest FG’s done in the city – most are riced up with aluminum GT wings and LX-R badges or some shit. The FG is rarely modded (properly) to begin with around here, so Eric’s car is refreshing to see.

For those of you that haven’t seen it – here is the shoot I did of Eric’s car 2 years ago (I think). Minor changes, but big enough to make the car look 10x better.

Eric’s Honda Civic Si – Favourites

Now onto the shoot!

Front quarter shot. I normally hate taking pics of white cars and dark wheels but the weather yesterday and everything just worked out for us perfectly. The overcast was nice so the white paint wasn’t glaring and the mag blue just peeks out enough to look great.

Love the side profile shot. The J’s Racing lip works well up front and surprisingly well with the stock wing, but I keep telling Eric to get a J’s Racing GT wing instead… Maybe instead of parting it out… *cough*

The VIS Techno R hood looks wicked when it’s painted with the vents left alone. I’m really over the “CF hood” look now because it seems like the trend is to go aggressive, yet clean. Painting CF is the best way, especially if you have accents to leave alone just so that they show up close. This looks 10x better.

Ohhhh roller shotsssssss

Here’s a perfect example of how great the hood looks painted. I remember seeing him driving behind me one day and I just loved the look. That and the 3000K DRL’s = deadly.

Another front quarter shot where the mag blue shines. Too bad that mag blue is underrated.

Rear shot. The stance is perfect and I love the full red tails. Eric is also running a full T1R catback and test pipe.

Another front shot. Also note the gloss black roof and Mugen rear view mirror cover.

Sunset was perfect and the white/mag blue was stunning here. Eric also has a set of black DC5 Recaros you can see peeking through the window on the inside. A little cool tidbit – a piece of my Civic lives on in his car. The Wedge Engineering seat brackets and rails hold the Recaros in place. I had them sitting around when I got a text from Eric one day asking if I still had them. Glad they were able to be used again!

A shot of Regina George. Nathan also came out in his ITR to help with the rolling shots.


Another roller.

And a quick unedited one rolling back for the night.

Thanks to Eric for giving me the opportunity to shoot it one last time and to Nathan for helping out for the rolling shots!

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